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60 Days of Insanity: Week 0 – Prep

Sanity Check – 5 Days

Sanity Check is a preparatory workout designed to be completed every day for a week in anticipation of Insanity. It is a slower pace with more breaks to give the new exerciser an opportunity to learn good form and get a feel for the pace and energy of these high-intensity interval workouts.

I found that I liked the fact that there is no required equipment – just a good pair of sneakers, a towel and a bottle of water (trust me, you need it). Most of the exercises were straightforward and easy to do with good form, though matching their pace was a challenge. A few of the exercises were very difficult for me, like Suicide Jumps – which are pretty much like old fashioned burpees (remember those from middle school PE class? Ugh.).

I definitely felt great afterwards having worked up a good sweat and getting the heart rate up. I can’t wait to get started next week!

Weight: 184.4 lbs.
Body Fat: 42%


I’m trying to keep my diet routine so that it is easier to identify things that aren’t helping me reach my weight and body fat loss goals. A normal day for me looks like this:
Breakfast – GreenBerry Shakeology smoothie (I scoop of GB, 1 medium banana, unsweetened almond milk & ice)
MidMorning Snack – 2 apples and 2 liters of water
Lunch – large salad (greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, carrot shavings, small amount of dressing) and Chicken Noodle soup
Dinner – tomato soup and a rosemary dinner roll

Insanity wk0 front
insanity wk0 side
insanity wk0 back

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