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60 Days of Insanity: Week 2

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Some things are getting easier, especially at the end of Week 2. I have had to modify a few moves, like suicide jumps for instance, in order to do them and get any kind of benefit from it. My core simply isn’t strong enough yet to any of the moves that are similar to “doing a vinyasa.” I am also finding I need to take less breaks just to catch my breath or grab a drink of water. I only feel sore really when I do heavy shoulder work like Pushup Jacks or Deep-V Pushups. I do enjoy that the workouts are shorter and more intense than P90X. Shaun T seems to take up much less time explaining and demonstrating the next exercise.

Weight: 179.5 pounds [This Week: -3.2 pounds Total: -4.9 pounds]
Body Fat: 38.8% [This Week: -2.8%  Total: -3.2%]

P90X Results & Recovery drink

Everything I read about fitness, health, weight or fat loss all say that nutrition is 80% of the equation. The importance of eating clean cannot be overstated. I’ve decided after careful consideration to go vegan. I suppose this seems like a crazy change to make with only two weeks to Thanksgiving, but it feels right and I don’t want to wait.
I’ve gone cold turkey (no pun intended): no dairy products, no meat, no fish. The one concession I do make is that I do still eat honey. Some vegans eschew the golden sweetness that I love, so it’s a little controversial (well, if you’re the sort to get in a twist over what people do or don’t eat), but I do use honey and have no plans to discontinue its use. I’ve purchased a vegan cookbook – Veganomicon – and will be making a few things to bring to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I can say that I feel satisfied and pretty good. I haven’t noticed a loss of energy or any ill side effects that people fear with a vegan diet. Since I continue to take a multivitamin, I trust that I am still getting B12 and plenty of iron.

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  • Mavis Sykes December 3, 2013, 8:48 AM

    Two things I will be making this year are a Butternut Squash Kale Salad & a vegan cranberry sauce. Technically, most cranberry sauce recipes are vegan but they are extremely high in sugar and all sorts of additives. This is a healthier version of that traditional Thanksgiving treat we all know and love.

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