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60 Days of Insanity: Week 4

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I unfortunately missed some workouts this week with the Thanksgiving holiday, but I didn’t notice any loss in performance. I did manage to get a very long walk in over the weekend because it was unseasonably warm outside and I needed to return some materials to the library. The last time we hit the trails near our home, I was reminded of how nice it would be to have the tires replaced on my mountain bike.
This is my last week of the first phase of Insanity. I’m amazed I still cannot anticipate the next exercises. I find I still love the workouts and my endurance is getting better everyday. I still have to take more breaks than the regularly scheduled 30 second water breaks, but they are becoming shorter and fewer in frequency.

Weight: 177.1 lbs.
Body Fat: 38.9%

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Thanksgiving was interesting as it was my first holiday being 100% vegan. I made a cranberry and persimmon sauce, a mushroom risotto and a kind of vegan shepherds pie or spanakopita with phyllo dough instead of pie crust. Other than two dinner rolls and half a bottle of wine, that is all I ate for Thanksgiving dinner. I was very satisfied and full and curiously, I didn’t feel deprived or tempted by the traditional turkey dinner. Actually, I’m surprised I lost 0.2 pounds considering the amount of olive oil I used in the veggie pie I made. Thankfully the cranberry sauce I made was sweet enough to keep the lure of pumpkin pie (my favorite) at bay. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to my new normal next week.

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