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Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Phase 2 – Release

This week I am adding the “Detox” supplement to my daily regimen.  Additional changes include: no animal products, less grains, and new recipes.  This week is all about flushing away all the stuff that was loosened up last week – in other words, more fiber.

Day 8:

I am so relieved that all the water weight I gained last week is now gone.  Today, the Detox supplement was added to my daily regimen – it’s not as bad as I expected.  I really expected a nasty, grainy or glutinous fiber drink I had to try and choke down three times a day.  In reality, it is grainy, but it tastes almost sweet and slightly tart (I’m guessing from the Camu Camu) and is easy to chug down in a couple of gulps.  The one thing I will mention is that if you don’t like to cook, you will struggle with this program.  I’m fortunate to love cooking, and I also know that the healthiest, freshest, and most nutritious food comes from your own kitchen.  I know this is good for me, and I love learning these new techniques and recipes, but my Gods, the dishes!

Day 9:

I didn’t sleep well last night because of severe abdominal cramps.  I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable either.  I managed to get in a short nap today, but surprisingly I wasn’t all that sleepy.  I have lost another 2+ pounds and am now at 170.  My skin looks incredible – it’s practically glowing and if I’m lit up from within.  My clothes are fitting more loosely.  The recipes are just amazing too – there are several things I will be making again long after I am done with the Ultimate Reset.  The sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup I made tonight was off the charts – even my husband couldn’t eat enough of it.  I am really pleased with how this is going, and I’m not even halfway yet!

Day 10:

I’m feeling like I’m really in a rhythm now with the Reset.  There have been a few days where I didn’t read ahead and see how long it was going to take me to create some of the recipes.  For instance, if you forget to make a double batch of some recipes, you have to make them from scratch the next day (usually dinner is lunch the next day).  Some days, I didn’t have enough cooked rice or lentils or quinoa on hand.  Having to cook ingredients first meant tacking on another 30-60 minutes, which can screw up the timing of supplements and meals if you’re not careful.  I’m still having very uncomfortable abdominal cramps on occasion, but it’s nothing too terrible.  My skin looks great!  Oh, and my sleeping patterns are getting a little wonky.  This morning, I was wide awake at 3:30 AM, and this afternoon I got sleepy suddenly and had to take a nap.  I continue to drink a gallon (often more) of water everyday.  My weight is now the lowest it has been in about a year and a half.  This is exciting!

Day 11:

It’s hard to believe this week is half-way over!  I’m finally feeling like I’ve really got the rhythm of the reset down.  The thing about the Reset is that it is very regimented – supplements must be taken a half hour before meals.  There is only one snack time option, and it is recommended to skip it if you can.  You must wait at least two hours until your next supplement and meal time.  This means that when I wake up in the morning, for instance, I am juggling getting ready with taking my supplements and preparing breakfast with enough time in between.  I feel like I finally have the routine figured out so I’m not scrambling to leave the house on time for school.

Day 12:

My weight is headed north again.  What the…?  I don’t get it.  It’s not like I’m bingeing on a 20oz. steak and ice cream.  I’m eating broccoli and asparagus.  At least my skin looks amazing.  My clothes are getting looser.  I still get the occasional abdominal cramps, but they are far less in intensity and they no longer disturb my sleep.  I can’t believe I’m almost two-thirds of the way done with the Ultimate Reset.  So far, this has been really rewarding.  I don’t understand what people are complaining about – holding their nose when they drink Alkalinize or whatever – the supplements taste mild and pretty good to me.  Maybe that means I don’t have as much to “detox” from since I’m not in agony.  I hope that’s true…

Day 13:

For the first time during the Reset, I’ve been thinking about food.  Today is Thursday, and we normally go out to our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner.  I love Indian food because they have so many vegan options.  So, I find myself thinking about chapati and veggie samosas and channa masala.  In cases like this, to protect my commitment, I take a nap.  It is interesting to note how tired I feel during the second week of Ultimate Reset.  Sleepiness often comes without warning.  One minute, I will feel great with moderate energy, and the next, I’m sleepy and can barely keep my eyes open.  I took a long nap today before taking my afternoon walk.

Day 14:

I just drank my last Detox packet. The Detox supplement doesn’t taste bad, but because it is ground up seeds, it gets stuck in my teeth.  Even after brushing, I’m still finding little bits of flaxseed.  Ugh!  Today’s meal of Coconut-Kabocha Soup was so good!  I did need to add organic, vegan vegetable broth to the soup to thin it out.  Otherwise, it would have had the consistency of mashed potatoes.  Even though my weight has been ticking up a little this week, it’s finally going down again.  I’d like to think that the Detox supplement finally scrubbed everything out of my system.  I know this isn’t a weight-loss program, (you cook with several vegetable oils during the Reset) but it is often a side effect and was hoping for a bit of a plateau breaker. I haven’t yet been able to break through to the 160s.  Though, as of today, I have lost 10% of my starting weight (taken in September 2013).

Tomorrow starts the last phase of the Ultimate Reset.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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