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Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Phase 3 – Restore

The Detox supplement is replaced with Revitalize this week. Grains and legumes are eliminated and the food focus is fruits and vegetables. Revitalize is a pre- and pro-biotic intended to repopulate your newly scrubbed gut with good, healthy flora.

Day 15:

It’s incredible that I’ve been too stuffed to finish my meals. I’m only eating fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch. Dinner is a cooked vegetable dish. No grains, no beans – just fruit and veggies with a sprinkle of seeds, nuts or olive oil. I never thought I would be so full without having grains and/or beans on my plate as well. My skin looks terrific. I’ve read that the biggest results come during this last phase of Ultimate Reset.

Day 16:

Today I really started missing the recipes from my Happy Herbivore – Light & Lean cookbook. I only have six days left, so I’ll be eating my other favorite recipes soon. I’ve been reading about the transition period – it seems you go back the way you came. Continue eating veggies the first week, add in grains and legumes in the second week, and then add back animal products (if you eat them) in the third week. I can begin to exercise next week as well, which I’m really looking forward to restarting. I love going on walks, but it’s just not enough for me. I find myself wanting to run.

I’m also finding that I’ve been getting rid of excess baggage recently. I’ve released some emotional baggage, which feels very liberating. I’ve cleared out some clothes that were too big. I’m excited because I pulled out some clothes that were too small for me; I can now put on two new pairs of pants! They are a little bit too snug to wear in public yet, but I can get them on and fastened without having to hold my breath. I also re-organized my pantry and parts of my kitchen. I realize I need to get additional storage jars for all the new foods I’ve added to my diet.

Day 17:

This morning, I’m at 170.0 lbs! I sure hope I can break into the 160s tomorrow. I cannot believe how quickly this week is going by – everything is so routine, I’m never scrambling to time things now. I take my supplements when I need to and eat my meals right on schedule. The ease of the routine is one thing, but I admit I am chafing under the restrictions a bit. I am craving something sweet – like chocolate. Fruit does not taste “like candy” as promised.

Day 18:

Tuesdays are the beginning of the school week for me, so my routine is always slightly different. I do hope that I can hang on to this glowing, perfect complexion once my Reset is over. It’s a bit more difficult to get all my water in during the school week, simply because I’m not home and I hate being a pack horse. I am finding that I’m getting fuller faster, and on much less food. Though, I am getting sick of just vegetables and wish I could have some rice, millet or even tempeh back. I have to wait for another two days before I can have baked tempeh again.

Day 19:

I am in the 160s at last! I am so happy that the plateau has finally been broken. I am fitting into smaller clothing sizes and my jeans are practically sliding off my body. Food is pretty boring at this stage, to be honest. It’s just fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch and dinner. I’m pretty tired of salad, even with the delicious dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds. As much as I’m loving the results, I’m ready to eat some beans and rice again. I have noticed that I am craving sugar, which is totally unexpected. I don’t miss anything else, just something sweet. Even coconut milk ice cream sounds delicious!

Day 20:

I’m still in the high 160s – this is exciting! I was half expecting my weight to fluctuate again and be in the 170s. I’m happy that my weight seems to be holding.  Today I got to eat baked tempeh for dinner. It tasted so good! I really like the recipe, it is good, but I suspect it tasted that much better because I’m just so sick of salad – which is what lunch is every single day. Tomorrow is my last day!

Day 21:

My weight is holding at 168 – I can hardly believe I’m in the 160s! This is encouraging that my weight hasn’t spiked upwards in three days. It’s a good thing that I wear coveralls during class, because my pants are falling off of me. It was weird to take the last of my supplements today and throw out the box and jars. I will miss the routine, but I’m definitely looking forward to eating some beans, grains and chocolate again.


Results and Final Comments:

Starting weight (18 January 2014): 179.5 pounds

Ending weight (8 February 2014): 169.0 pounds

Total weight lost: 10.5 pounds

I got three things  out of the Reset: my weight loss plateau was finally broken, my skin and digestion cleared up better than imagined, and I gained some new cooking techniques and recipes to add to my repertoire. Not that I felt particularly bad before I started, but I feel so good that I can see doing the Reset again once or twice a year. Even though this isn’t a weight loss program, I’m thrilled that I lost over ten pounds in 3 weeks. Granted, much of that weight was water retention due to PMS, but I’ll take what I can get. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to clean up their diet, or to someone who suspects they have food allergies and would like a regimented process to eliminate and identify food sensitivities. I’m lucky to have a body that is omnivorous – I seem to be able to eat anything. Though I can tell that limiting my soy intake and enjoying more easily digestible grains, like rice, has done wonders for my digestion and elimination.


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