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Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Week 0 – Preparation

The day my Ultimate Reset arrived, I was so excited!  I kept thinking, how difficult could three weeks be?  This will be sooo easy, I’m already vegan, I’ve eliminated alcohol and coffee, though I still struggle with sugar on occasion.  This won’t be that bad.  I’ll get out of this slump, or plateau, or whatever this is and keep on reaching for my goals.  Until I opened the box…

UR New Box


All the program materials are there on top: two DVDs, a supplement schedule, a quick-start guide, and the program & nutrition guide.  I popped the first DVD – a program overview – in and watched with rapt attention.  Then I did the same with the second DVD – a vegan cooking class – with even more interest.  The cooking class DVD is especially good; kitchen equipment, potentially unfamiliar ingredients, and basic cooking techniques are covered.  Later in the video, she goes over cooking techniques for categories of food, including: legumes, grains, vegetables, salad dressings, and nuts and seeds.

When I was done with the DVDs, I quickly read over the quick-start guide and then dove into the in-depth program & nutrition guide.  This isn’t your ordinary “cleanse” program.  In fact, the only thing I’ve experienced with this much depth is Dr. Mark Hyman’s Detox in a Box, but it wasn’t turn-key like Ultimate Reset.  There are long lists of supplements you must purchase prior to beginning Detox in a Box, which isn’t a problem per se; I just enjoy the convenience of having a kit with everything I need.

There is the potential for so much to be stirred up and released during this process.  The guide addresses everything from the obvious – eating habits, sleep patterns and physical activity – to relationships, proper breathing, emotions, and self-care.  There is a helpful section devoted to potential physical side effects (if you’ve ever cleansed before, it’s the usual suspects: skin eruptions, sleep pattern disruptions, etc.).  Included are suggestions for a more intensive detoxification process.  Instructions for dry brushing the skin are included; recommendations for yoga, tai chi, and other gentle forms of exercise, and, even ideas for processing old emotional baggage.  It’s clearly a comprehensive “detox” and I find myself drawn to clean out my closet.

One thing they didn’t mention in the guide, is to re-evaluate your personal care products.  I’ve been slowly replacing my hair care, skin care, and cosmetics with organic products.  You may find that all this “detoxing” on the inside doesn’t make much sense if you’re still slathering on lotions filled with potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

The first thing I did was to cut off the top of the box to create an easy-access tray for all six of my required supplements.

UR Supplement tray


I put my tray up in the cupboard where I keep my other vitamins and supplements.  Next, grocery shopping…

They provide printable shopping lists on the website, which are extremely helpful and highly recommended.  Because I am already eating a vegan diet, I had to modify the shopping list only slightly by removing the animal products and going through the vegan options and recipes for each day during the first week.  Don’t forget to add distilled water to your list – you’ll be drinking lots of it!

Perhaps it is because I live in California, or maybe it’s because I’ve worked in health food stores, but I was familiar with every “exotic” ingredient on the shopping list.  I already had Bragg’s Liquid Aminos in my refrigerator.  I’ve eaten tempeh many times and I have organic tahini in my pantry.  I’m not sure how accessible these items are in other areas, but here in the San Francisco Bay Area where foodies and health nuts co-exist, there isn’t anything that requires online shopping.

That said, who knew finding mirin (a Japanese sweet cooking wine) without corn syrup would be so difficult?  Lucky for me, I live about five minutes from a Japanese market, so when I couldn’t find a few items on my list at the first two grocery stores I visited, I went to Najiya Market.  Although they had probably 15 different kinds of mirin, all but two were cut with corn or glucose syrup.  Gross!  I managed to pick up some wakame seaweed and yummy daikon radish sprouts as well.

I’m not going to lie, grocery shopping was expensive.  The good news is, almost everything except the produce are staple or pantry items which I will not have to buy again for a long time.  I also picked up seven gallons of distilled water, because according to the guide, drinking lots of water helps with the entire detox and relieves headaches.

After putting the groceries away, I reviewed the DVDs again and re-read the guide cover-to-cover.  I’m ready to begin!

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