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Being Vegan

I went vegan in October of 2013 and haven’t regretted it. Something just clicked and I made the decision to stop eating meat, dairy, and eggs. Cold turkey, if you will.

There wasn’t a clear path for me to becoming a vegan; no health crisis, or close encounter with animal abuse. I was a devoted omnivore, though I had been a vegetarian for several years in my mid-20s. Through a series of chance meetings, entertaining documentaries, and poignant books, I found myself unable to do anything but adopt a strictly plant-based diet.

I write a series of short essays on my experiences as a vegan. I’ve also included a page with useful and influential resources.


Little Essays on Being Vegan: No, There’s Nothing Wrong With Me

Little Essays on Being Vegan: Do I Cheat?

Little Essays on Being Vegan: Am I Tempted?