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Divination & Readings

Tarot cards have been my indispensable tool for more than three decades. Unlike many readers, I do not collect decks, though I do admire the beauty of the cards in a variety of sets. At this time, I have four tarot card decks: The Rider-Waite-Smith, The Universal Tarot (based on the RWS deck, the images have been redrawn), Revelations Tarot, and the Thoth deck. I use my intuition to decide which deck to use in a reading.

When reading for others, I often read “blind” – meaning that I don’t ask my client to share their questions or concerns with me. I let the cards do all the talking, so to speak. If however, the querent has a specific issue, I’m happy to counsel how best to ask the questions that get at the heart of the matter.

Readings are conducted either through email, or in a private message on the Inspiring Liberation Facebook page. If you would like to schedule a reading, email me at tonja (dot) inspiring liberation (dot) com or message me through the Facebook page.

For general readings and simple matters, suggested donation $15-20
For complex matters or more in-depth readings, suggested donation $25-30

I accept PayPal at: paypal.me/TonjaV