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My shop on Etsy features my artisanal candles, soaps, and other things. The link to the shop is: http://Etsy.com/shop/lulubellesstore

Tarot cards have been my indispensable tool for more than three decades. When reading for others, I often read “blind” – meaning that I don’t ask my client to share their questions or concerns with me. I let the cards do all the talking, so to speak. If however, the querent has a specific issue, I’m happy to counsel how best to ask the questions that get at the heart of the matter.

Readings are usually conducted through email, though Skype is always an option. In the email, you will be provided with the cards that were drawn, an explanation of their position, and a thorough interpretation. If you have questions or would like to schedule a reading, email me at tonja (dot) inspiring liberation (dot) com.

For General Readings and Single Questions $10

I accept PayPal at: paypal.me/TonjaV

I wrote an essay in My Wandering Uterus: Tales of Traveling While Female. It’s a fun anthology of women’s travel writing.