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Fitness Coaching

I have long been interested in health, fitness, food, and medicine. Blame some planets in Virgo and the Sixth House in my Natal chart, or maybe my mother who was growing her own organic food decades before it was en vogue; I’ve always been obsessed with these topics.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach seemed like a natural fit for me. They had everything: fun and effective exercise programs developed for use at home, sound nutritional advice, and Shakeology – a supplement that is amazing. They even had plenty of support for vegans. I eagerly signed up as a Coach and looked forward to turning others on to the joy of one’s own body.

I was a little uneasy with the christian vibe that infused everything – from the frequent mentions of church to the recommended personal development books written by evangelical christian pastors. I found a way to live with it; cherry picking the stuff that made sense and discarding the rest.

The last straw was when Beachbody aligned itself with a large rescue-industry NGO as its charity of choice. Beachbody started running all kinds of promotions and contests to raise money for this organization that focuses on “rescuing” mostly women from “sex trafficking” and prostitution. This organization (and other similar NGOs) are closely tied to Anti-Homosexual & Anti-Abortion groups.

So, I quit.

Let me be very clear: I support sex workers. Sex work is real work. Sex work often provides greater income and a flexible schedule for those who are supporting themselves and/or their families. Many sex workers enjoy their work. I support adults choosing their livelihood and sex work is a legitimate job choice.

What consenting adults do with one another is none of my business. And it’s none of your business either.