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Hip Hop Abs Deluxe: Week 1, Day 1

Fat Burning Cardio

What a fun, quick workout!

I wanted to augment my core strength while I’m simultaneously doing P90X, but since I’m doing Doubles, I don’t have a lot of time. The solution – Hip Hop Abs. Today’s workout was a mere 30 minutes. As I progress, I’ll do multiple workouts in a session, but each video is around 30-40 minutes.

The techniques are fairly straightforward – there’s even an introductory video to teach you the basics or to refresh your form. The various dance moves are also broken down into basic steps. Eventually, the steps are put together into one sequence, which is where the real fun is.

It’s light, it’s fun and very fast paced. I’m even sweating a little as I type this. I can see that I won’t get bored, even once I’ve mastered the choreography and moves. There is lots of room for improvisation. I love to dance, and even though its been years since I’ve taken a formal dance class, I thought this would be an easy way to add a little more core work into my daily life.

It looks like tomorrow is a repeat of the same video, so I may experiment a little. I made the mistake of selecting “Louder” as an option for the music (instead of “Normal”), which unfortunately drowns out Shaun T.’s voice. Speaking of music, it’s not too bad. I recognized a Pussycat Dolls song that was remixed – which I realize isn’t everyone’s taste – but it is danceable! I might also add weighted gloves to give my arms a little extra work. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow – I really got my butt kicked today.

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