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Hip Hop Abs Deluxe: Week 1, Day 2

Fat Burning Cardio

I love this workout! It’s just fun and it goes so fast. This is definitely a beginner’s level workout, but it is still effective. I definitely felt yesterday’s half hour of dancing today. I am still working on getting a couple of the sequences, especially as they get more complicated near the end, but they were easier the second time around.

I also made a better choice by selecting “Normal” instead of “Louder” when it came to the audio/music options. Shaun T’s voice was clear and it was easier to understand the instructions (and keep up with the counts/rhythm) when the music wasn’t drowning him out. I also went back and quickly reviewed the 15-minute “Secrets to Flat Abs” video to refresh my memory about form.

Even though this is only a half-hour, I still managed to get sweaty. Tomorrow will be a different (and shorter) video, so I don’t really know what to expect.

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