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Hip Hop Abs Deluxe: Week 1, Day 3

Ab Sculpt

Today’s workout was a little different. It seemed to focus more on technique than choreography, though there were a few sequences that were revisited from Monday and Tuesday. Also included was some floor work – the moves were similar to “Bicycles,” but had a little more style. The floor moves, which Shaun T calls “C” moves were pretty effective; I could definitely feel not only my abdominals, but my hip flexors being engaged. Another fun addition was the use of small hand weights or weighted gloves (my preference) just to give the arms a little something extra.

This video is a little shorter than Cardio Abs – just over 20 minutes. It was just enough to feel like I squeezed in a little more activity, but not so much that I’m dying of exhaustion or overwork. I love that these videos are short; after all, Ab Ripper X from P90X is only about 15 minutes long.

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