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P90X: Day 1

Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Age – 41 years
Height – 5 ft. 7 inches
Weight – 190.7
Body Fat – 41.4%
Chest – 39 inches
Waist – 37 inches
Hips – 43 inches

Today was very difficult, despite my enthusiasm to get started. I am really out of shape! Chest & Back really focus on the basics – stuff I did in PE back in junior high school – push-ups and pull-ups. I can’t do a single pull up and my push ups really leave something to be desired. Wide-arm push ups seem to be my best in terms of form and number of reps, but there is much improvement for range of motion. The three exercises I can do very well are the ones I recognize from Power 90: back flies, lawnmower and heavy pants.

Ab Ripper X started out pretty well. At first it felt like I still had some abdominal strength (although you can’t see them under the layer of body fat), but my form really started to fall apart on crunchy frogs and went downhill from there. I already feel achy in my core.

I drank coconut water during my workout instead of water, but now I have a weird, metallic taste in my mouth, so I may have a bottle of water with me in addition to the coconut water for tomorrow’s workout. I love that I can do this entire workout in my little spare bedroom turned office.

Also, just because this is strength or resistance training doesn’t mean that there isn’t a component of cardio. Jumping jacks, running in place and lunges are all part of the workout; so if you are large-chested like me, don’t skip a good quality sports bra. I have very long hair as well, so I piled my hair high on my head and clipped it with a jaw clip (like the kind they use at the salon when getting your hair trimmed). This way, my hair isn’t on my neck, getting in my eyes or sticking to sweaty skin. Putting it high on my head means that it won’t get in the way during Ab Ripper X either.

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