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P90X: Day 10

Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Somehow, I made it over the hump. I’m not sore or stiff at all today. I guess I can see why people quit instead of persevering; they are uncomfortable at best and because they don’t wake up a supermodel after 10 days of hard work, they throw in the towel. It’s too bad really, but to be expected in a culture where we get instant results. Our questions are answered instantly with access to Google; most things can be purchased with the swipe of a card or a few keystrokes and delivered right to our doorstep. Why shouldn’t we have the same instant results with our bodies?

This is definitely something I’ve been thinking about recently – fitness maintenance. Admittedly, I have a mindset that I can do anything for x number of days, weeks, or months. A school year is a perfect example: I can see the light at the end of a tunnel of nine months. My study habits (or lack thereof) get immediate feedback. There are milestones to be reached over the course of a year: quizzes, papers, tests and lab sheets. I know that I only have to repeat my behaviors for so long, and then I’m done. Fitness and nutrition are not like that at all.

There is no destination when it comes to my physical health; well, unless I were to be morbid and say that my deathbed is my destination, but I digress. There isn’t always clear feedback – sometimes even when I am doing everything “right.” Sometimes there are frustrating plateaus and setbacks. It’s not like I earn a fitness & weight loss diploma at the end that can never be taken from me. When I reach my goal, I would lose all the ground I gained if I stopped my physical activity. Good eating habits and regular exercise are habits to be cultivated – just like I brush my teeth, wash my face and put deodorant on; exercise and eating well need to be part of my daily routine. It’s probably rather obvious to people who haven’t struggled with their weight, fitness or other health concerns; but for me, rethinking fitness has been a kind of epiphany.

I’ve had to retool my entire thought process around exercise and eating well. I have to play mind tricks on myself – to look at P90X like a school year. I can see the light at the end of the 90 day tunnel. Only, I need to have a new tunnel lined up as soon as I’ve completed my first round of P90X. I’m excited that I’ve figured out my next move – Insanity! (but again, I digress). I’m glad that I’ve figured this out – and have a method to perpetuate the gains I’m making in P90X.

That all said, today’s workout was challenging, but not overwhelming. I could keep up with all the moves and do almost as many reps as the people in the video. Ab Ripper X continues to be vexing. I can keep up pretty well with the first three exercises, but Crunchy Frog just kills me. I regain my abilities in the Hip Rock n Raises – only to lose it again once we get to the V Roll Ups. I don’t get the Leg Climbs; they seem too easy. I keep doing them though, trusting in the process as Tony Horton asks me to do. Still seems like a dumb exercise to me…

Today was probably my best day food-wise. The funny thing about all this exercise and increased activity is that my appetite is pretty weak. I’m just not all that hungry. (The other strange side effect is that my libido has gone off the charts – but that could just be newlywed bliss, not sure.) I received my first bag of GreenBerry Shakeology when my Insanity Challenge Pack arrived yesterday. Today I started off with Shakeology: 1 banana, 8 oz. of unsweetened, organic almond milk, and one scoop of GreenBerry with a little ice in a blender. I had a green salad for lunch, with a glass of water. In the afternoon, I had a snack at Starbucks: a latte with an oatmeal raisin cookie. For dinner, I had a piece of salmon with mango salsa and a glass of rosé wine. I managed to drink more water today after I cleaned out my stainless steel bottles. My smaller bottle fits in the car’s drink holder, so I sip water while I’m at work.

We didn’t go for a walk this evening, unfortunately. We had to make a stop at the sporting goods store on the way home tonight – the dumbbells are not challenging enough anymore! We opted for a pair of 15# and 20# respectively. The lighter 5# and 8# weights we have now still work for some of the exercises using smaller muscles (like Straight Arm Shoulder Flies), but for bicep moves, heavier weights are definitely in order.

Looking forward to Yoga X tomorrow!

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