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P90X: Day 11

Yoga X

Today was a late day – everything was late. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I went to bed very late – and woke up late. It ended up pushing my entire day back, so I just finished my yoga workout and a brief meditation practice. It’s now 1:45AM.

I’m not sore, I’m not ravenous – I feel pretty good. I didn’t push myself very hard in Yoga X today. I didn’t feel like I had enough gas in the tank to complete the 90 minute workout and go full tilt. Some things feel a little better, and a lot of things feel pretty much the same. Then again, it’s only week two.

Food today was pretty good – a Shakeology shake for breakfast, chicken soup and a salad for lunch and chicken soup for dinner. I drank a lot of water today, but I could still improve my water intake.

I’m grateful for Yoga today, but I hear my bed calling to me. Goodnight!

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