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P90X: Day 12

Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Today’s workout was really good. I feel tired, but a good tired. I have some ache in my muscles, but not like last week – this is more of just knowing I actually did some hard work today. Even Ab Ripper X (which my husband has nicknamed “FML”) was a little bit easier today. I can’t do everything, but the few that I can do, I can keep up pretty well. It’s definitely getting easier.

I started my day with my Shakeology GreenBerry shake and for lunch, I had chicken noodle soup. Tonight is “date night” so I will be indulging in my once-a-week Indian Feast of chicken tikka masala and naan.

I’ve been using the Team Beachbody SuperGym to auto-schedule and track my workouts. It is free to start an account and all I need to do is pick a date and a program – and voila! instantly scheduled 90 days of P90X is put on the calendar. To keep my momentum going, I even auto-scheduled my Insanity workouts to follow P90X immediately afterwards. It looks like I will be wrapping up my first round of P90X right before Samhain/Halloween and Insanity right before the New Year (Insanity is only 60 days).

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