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P90X: Day 16


This may very well be my favorite workout. As much as I love Yoga X and as much as I enjoy the fast pace of Kenpo X, I just think Plyometrics is fun! I’m definitely seeing some improvements in my stamina and strength. Everything was better today – even Hot Foot. I can keep up with the video pretty well and do all the reps required. I know I’m going to miss this workout next week when I move into the Recovery and Abs Focus Phase.

Another thing that I love about Plyometrics X is that one of the participants in the DVD, Eric, has a prosthetic leg. He is a great reminder that even if I have shortcomings or setbacks, I really have no excuse. Here is a guy who lost one of his legs and yet, he does each move to the best of his abilities and modifies for the moves he cannot perform. Simple.

I drank a ton of water during my workout. I was a little surprised that I wasn’t dragging in the last part of the hour-long routine because all I’ve had to eat today is my Shakeology drink. I’m having a sandwich for lunch and I’ll probably make salmon for dinner.

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