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P90X: Day 18

Yoga X

Interestingly, this evening’s yoga session was strangely more difficult in some areas, easier in others. I also notice disparity in abilities from side to side, especially in balance poses. In some, like Half-Moon (Ardha Chandrasana), my right side seems stronger but in Royal Dancer/Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana), my left side is the side with sthira & sukham (steadiness & ease). Thanks to some of the other workouts, Chaturanga Dandasana is slowly coming to me. Crane (Bakasana) seems within reach. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes) however, was more difficult this evening – keeping the chest up seemed a struggle. Admittedly, I took it a little easier today because I can feel some shifts in my strength and flexibility – didn’t want to overdo it.

What is also interesting is viewing one’s body from upside down. While in shoulderstand (Niralamba Sarvangasana) I was sort of surprised with what the lower half of my body looks like when it’s midair. It’s such a marvelous feeling – shoulderstand and plow pose (Halasana) are some of my all time favorite poses.

Food was pretty good today. I could have had more water, but otherwise, my morning shake kept me full until my mid-afternoon snack and then dinner of salmon with mango salsa. Tomorrow will be a different story though – it will likely be indulgent, but good, not junk food.

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