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P90X: Day 19

Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Ah! My first hiccup (and hopefully my last!) in my performance of this 90-day program. I call it a hiccup, and not a mistake because I had chosen the date and planned for the event that caused me to skip my workout. If they were circumstances beyond my control, or some error I had made where I didn’t understand or foresee the consequences – then I would have called it a mistake. I could have planned my day better, but I didn’t and that’s my fault. I will do better next time. But…I digress.

It’s Saturday, when I should be doing my Kenpo X workout, but since I missed my workout yesterday, I ended up doubling up and doing both workouts (the Kenpo X workout will be discussed in Day 20).

Today’s workout was challenging, but I could still keep up with all the moves and perform them reasonably well. Some of my favorites are Calf Raises (even though my calves are still on fire!), Super Skaters, and the Toe-Roll Iso Lunges. Since I know I can’t perform a single chin-up/pull-up, I use the resistance bands as a modification to help strengthen my upper body. I think in the next phase, I may just try to do them and forget the bands.

I was able to get through almost all of the first three exercises on Ab Ripper X (In & Outs, Bicycles, Reverse Bicycles), but the other exercises remain difficult at best. For the V-Up/Roll-Up Combos, I just do regular crunches so I can at least do something positive. Today I ordered Hip Hop Abs (the Deluxe Edition) to give me an added boost in the abs department. While I have the time during summer vacation, I feel like I can take on the additional commitment so that I might progress a little further (and get rid of my jelly roll!).

Food was…well, as predicted, a bit rich and indulgent. Last night we had (my first) dinner party with two friends. Together we polished off four bottles of wine, a bunch of cheese, marinated mushrooms, dates, more cheese, prosciutto and salami, fig preserves (and those were just the appetizers!). For dinner, I made rice and two prawn dishes: one a Spanish-style scampi (Gambas al Ajillo) and a spicy teriyaki & prosciutto-wrapped prawns which were grilled on skewers. Yes, we even had a sampling of a few rich desserts our guests brought.

Today, I snacked mostly on leftovers (there are a ton – I can’t seem to cook for less than a platoon), but I did have my smoothie in the afternoon. The one really good thing about today and yesterday is that I drank a ton of water. Oh, and today I managed to avoid Starbucks.

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