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P90X: Day 2


I was really looking forward to working out again today, even after reading that this is one of the tougher P90X workouts. Plyometrics X is all about athletic performance; the moves are straight out of football, baseball and basketball training camps. Wear good sneakers, because you will be spending a lot of time getting airborne.

I was surprised that I could do most of the exercises, though I don’t have the endurance of the people in the video. I feel pretty clumsy when doing the Circle Run and the Leapfrog Squat makes my quads burn like no other move. Rock Star Hop is probably the one I have the most difficulty performing correctly, though Hot Foot is nearly impossible for me. I can’t seem to balance very well and have to constantly switch feet, or end up on the floor. I was sweaty by the time we finished the warm up and ended up polishing off a liter of water and a liter of coconut water by the end of the workout!

I was pretty sore this morning from yesterday. You really don’t notice how much your core is involved with every movement you make until you’re sore from Ab Ripper X. Even sitting on the couch to enjoy my pot of tea (I love coffee, but I’m trying to cut back on dairy products), I immediately felt the ache in my midsection.

My eating habits are getting better, but there is still room for improvement. I ate two salads and some chicken soup yesterday. I also read recently that you should drink half your body weight in ounces. Half my body weight brings my water requirements to about 95 ounces each day (or almost 3 liters). I had one liter of plain water, and two liters of mineral water. The water seemed to make a difference on the scale – I dropped four pounds! I will wait until the end of the week to take measurements and see what sticks and what doesn’t.

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