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P90X: Day 22

Yoga X

Age – 41 years
Height – 5 ft. 7 inches
Weight – 191.1
Body Fat – 41.5%
Chest – 39 inches
Waist – 34.5 inches
Hips – 41 inches

Despite its shortcomings, this is still one of my favorite P90X workouts. Yes, Tony does distal adjustments (which make me cringe) and yes, he talks too much, especially when he reminds people to clear their minds (the beauty of yoga is that without prompting, yoga will clear your mind and put you in the present moment) and yes, Savasana is way too short (a minute is hardly enough time to really get the benefits of corpse pose). Other than all that, I still sweat like crazy and love this hour and a half doing one of my favorite activities.

Some things are getting easier – boat pose (Navasana) for instance is getting much better. Curiously, a couple of poses I adore and used to be proficient with are now super challenging: Halasana (plough pose) and shoulderstand are both hugely difficult for me to get into and I can’t release fully into the pose. My upper body must be gaining some strength, because I was millimeters away from getting into Crane pose.

As far as my progress goes, it doesn’t look like any drastic changes are taking place. I’ve lost some size on my hips, and my weight is pretty much the same (I didn’t really expect anything else with the rich foods I prepared for our little dinner party), but what I am most happy seeing is that my body fat percentage is slowly getting smaller.

Food today was a mixed bag. I had my smoothie for dinner and a panang curry with about a cup of white rice for a late lunch. I didn’t really eat breakfast because I had an early morning dentist appointment. I did drink a ton of water today since it was so warm and muggy out.

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