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P90X: Day 23

Core Synergistics

I think I hate this. Kidding. But seriously, I think I hate this workout. It focuses on all the things I am terrible at: upper-body and core strength. Honestly, I could only do maybe two moves with any degree of precision: Steam Engine and Halfback. The video is extremely fast paced and the way it was shot makes it difficult to tell what the models/participants are doing. The thing is – I’m soaking wet with sweat. I worked my butt off. It’s a great workout (clearly, these are things I need to work on) but its frustrating because I will only do Core Synergistics another five times by the end of the program. Five times! How is anyone expected to master these moves? At least I get another shot at this DVD later this week – hopefully I can do more.

Food today is pretty good. I had my daily latte this morning after grocery shopping. I’m headed down to make my smoothie after I finish writing this. I find I feel better if I make vegetarian meals the heart of my diet and only occasionally add fish or chicken once a week. My brief experimentation with veganism made me appreciate that I can make tasty, filling and satisfying food with nothing but veggies and fruit.

Just as an aside, my skin has never, ever been this clear. I’m hesitant to do so, but the only thing I’m doing different is drinking Shakeology daily. I’ve exercised before, drank lots of water, and refrained from touching my face – all things that are supposed to help keep one’s complexion clear. These days however, I keep getting compliments on my skin. People tell me they’ve never seen my skin so clear and they marvel that I’m not wearing makeup. I’m thrilled of course, so I’ll just keep on keeping on.

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