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P90X: Day 24

Kenpo X

This workout is still so much fun. As my husband says, “What an attitude adjustment!” I think he would be perfectly happy if this is the only DVD we did 7 days a week.

Some things are still embarrassingly awkward and uncoordinated – Star Blocks still stump me, I still get mixed up on 3-move combinations and my kick height is well…only dangerous to people’s shins. Despite all this, it’s still loads of fun, I’m still soaking wet in sweat and feel pretty energized.

Food is pretty much the same – I had a green Thai curry for dinner last night. So far today, I had a GreenBerry smoothie (banana, ice, unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of shakeology) and a small bowl of GrapeNuts cereal. I’m choosing water, sometimes with a little lime or lemon juice as my beverage, except for my afternoon latte. In any case, whatever I’m doing is working because my skin is clear, my hair and nails are strong and shiny and I sleep like a rock.

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