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P90X: Day 25


This is such a nice, mellow DVD. This is mostly yoga, with a couple of pilates and martial arts techniques thrown in for fun. It’s so mellow in fact, that it’s the only DVD where I’m seriously considering choosing cues and music only on Sunday when I revisit X Stretch. He just talks too much in this video, even as much as I love his goofy, corny sense of humor.

As far as I can tell, there are only a few poses that could be considered challenging: Camel, Bow and Shoulderstand/Plough. I used to be proficient at all three, but I seem to have lost some flexibility or mobility in my lower back. Bow is the only pose that I can do well. Interestingly, Tony has no problem recommending the use of yoga blocks for several poses in both X Stretch and Yoga X, yet he doesn’t include other props, like a strap for less flexible users. He tells people that if they can’t grip their ankles in Bow, to grab their socks or have someone help them. Yoga tip from me: get a strap! They’re inexpensive and easy to use and can be used for the single and double hamstring stretches as well (if you can’t reach your feet).

Food was in many ways better today. For breakfast, I had a pear and a small bowl of GrapeNuts cereal with a little bit of honey. For lunch, I had my smoothie and for dinner, I had some sautéed kale and dandelion greens with garlic and three kinds of mushrooms. I also had a mini garlic pita with some hummus. Other than my afternoon latte (I’ve cut out my chocolate croissant – I’m interested to see what happens), I’ve had only water with lemon to drink today.

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