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P90X: Day 26

Core Synergistics

I experimented a little tonight – in the audio options at the beginning of the DVD, I selected “Cues and Music Only” instead of my usual “Normal” setting. This means that background music is always playing and then you only hear Tony speak when he is cueing you to change sides or exercises. Extra chatter or more detailed instructions are muted. I wouldn’t do this if it were my first time using the DVD, but since I’ve done this once more, I decided to give it a try.

I found that it was actually easier to stay focused without the additional instructions and talking. The music helped me keep my momentum going by giving me some rhythm to match. I also noticed the cues (for instance, to change sides) were much clearer and weren’t lost in background noise. When you’re working really hard, too many distractions can make it difficult for me to keep up with the changes. By limiting the extra audio, it was much, much easier to do this workout.

Core Synergistics still isn’t my favorite workout and I still struggle with many of the moves, but tonight was far easier, and I suspect much of it has to do with using different audio options. I will probably try it with Yoga X as well and see if it doesn’t work well with all the other workouts. Next week, I’m starting a new Training Block, so there will be two new DVDs. I’ll use “Normal” settings for the new workouts, but I may opt to go only “Cues and Music” in following weeks.

Food was really good today. I went out dancing last night with my husband and many of my co-workers, so I was really thirsty when I got home. I drank two full pots of green (Gen Mai Cha) tea today. I snacked on some almonds with my smoothie in the afternoon, and for dinner, I made mushroom stuffed kabocha squash. It’s vegan and delicious – I’ll post the recipe (adapted from the original) tomorrow. I made two extra stuffed squash so we can have them for lunch tomorrow.

My appetite and sleep have been excellent recently – I don’t feel hungry or deprived and I haven’t been out of gas during workouts. I’ve been sleeping through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

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