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P90X: Day 27

Yoga X

What an amazing session I had tonight! I had so much improvement in several areas. My Warrior III was a personal best. I easily managed full Plough pose and a very well-aligned Shoulderstand. I did run out of gas at the end, but I feel very happy with my progress despite not really having enough to finish the workout strong.

One thing that helped tremendously is that I put my hair in pigtail braids. I have very long hair, and unfortunately, a simple pony tail interferes with my ability to get into some of the poses that include lying on the floor (bridge, plough, shoulderstand, etc.). Braiding my hair kept it out of my eyes, but didn’t create a bump on the back of my head to prevent doing backbends.

Coincidentally, I had Indian food for an early dinner this evening – chicken tikka masala and naan bread. I only had a smoothie for breakfast and a latte in the afternoon. I just wasn’t really hungry today. I drank tons of green tea today, and some water as well.

I’m excited and a little nervous about seeing my progress tomorrow morning – and starting a new Training Block. There are two new DVDs next week, so plenty of new moves and routines to learn!

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