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P90X: Day 3

Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

I am so sore! My husband and I were joking about how Beachbody should offer an optional cane or walker with every purchase of P90X – that and a strong painkiller prescription. The good news is – it’s working (I think) and by writing about this experience, I will be reminded of how awful the first week is anytime I’m tempted to skip a day or reach for seconds.

The Shoulders & Arms workout was fun because I felt like I could do almost every exercise with perfect form. It is definitely confidence-building to be able to keep up with some very fit people. Ab Ripper X is a different story, however. Many of the exercises I struggle to perform and V-roll up moves are pretty impossible. I’m both too weak in my core and too uncoordinated to do them properly.

Yesterday’s nutrition was actually pretty good. I made a nice piece of salmon with a mango salsa and had a small bowl of a bean salad I made. I drank plenty of water too. I drank the last of my coconut water yesterday, so I only had a liter of plain water during today’s workout.

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