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P90X: Day 30


I was a little bit sore from yesterday’s workout, as expected. My legs felt a little heavy and I didn’t feel as nimble as I felt last time I did this workout. It’s amazing how much ground I lost since the recovery week and not doing Plyometrics for over a week. Some things felt a little more crisp – like Jump Squats, but most things were very difficult to perform – like Hot Foot. Last time I did Plyo, I was finally able to jump around on one foot without losing my balance. Now, I’m back to barely being able to get 2-3 jumps per leg before needing to switch to regain my balance.

It seems that only some of the workouts have the option to choose only “Music and Cues” and Plyometrics is one of those videos. It’s unfortunate that Yoga X doesn’t have this option – I’m able to focus much better and complete the entire workout with a higher level of performance when I mute the extra talking. I’ve noticed that on several videos, Tony tends to talk so much, that when he stops talking, it breaks my concentration. I look up to realize they are still doing the same move.

I had some dental work this morning, so I didn’t eat anything until the afternoon. I seem to be really sensitive to medications and sedatives/painkillers. I only had some novocaine, but it just kicked my butt and I took a nap when I got home. My smoothie felt good on my sore gums. For dinner, I had a small piece of salmon with a mango chipotle salsa. I’ve had a lot of water today. I also had my afternoon latte (the warmth felt good on my sore mouth).

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