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P90X: Day 31

Cardio X, Back & Biceps with Ab Ripper X

Today’s workout was amazing – I really like Back & Biceps! This is another new DVD and it might be my favorite of the resistance training videos in P90X. The routine has 2-3 bicep moves and then one pull-up move. I’m able to use heavier weights now on most arm moves. Flies are probably the only move that I must stick with a lighter weight. This improved strength will come in handy when I start having to handle engine blocks and heads in October.

Cardio X is fairly easy, especially after doing Plyometrics for 5 weeks. It’s nice to get the extra activity, but only a couple of the exercises are really difficult for me. I still sweat like crazy and if I follow it up with the regular workout, I don’t really need the warm up.

So far, all I’ve had is my GreenBerry smoothie. I’m not even hungry. I drank two big cups of water during my workout. I’ll likely stop for my daily latte later on, but I don’t even miss my chocolate croissant anymore.

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