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P90X: Day 32

Yoga X

I suspect because the program includes Yoga X in the recovery week, I feel like I haven’t lost any progress. I am getting more flexible, strong and am able to more fully enter various poses. It still makes me laugh that I have a better side in balance poses. Tony Horton says that yoga is good about finding where your weak spots are and making them stronger, resulting in a more balanced body. I agree with him.

It’s unfortunate that Yoga X is one of the only videos without audio options. Choosing “Cues and Music” has been so helpful to me with the other workouts because it reduces distractions. It’s funny – on one hand, Tony talks too much and while I’m trying to count repetitions, or focus on my form, I find myself listening to him. On the other hand, I find that I’ve been doing my best to tune him out, so when he stops talking, I get distracted, thinking it’s time to move on to the next exercise.

I have noticed I’ve continued to improve a number of poses including Warrior III, Boat, Plough and Shoulderstand. Even Revolved Triangle is getting easier. I’m pleased that my flexibility seems to be returning pretty quickly.

Food hasn’t changed much. I’m still working to drink as much water as I can daily. I still drink my Shakeology smoothie every day. For lunch or dinner, I often have a salad, or sometimes pasta. I’ve been eating more vegetarian meals. My appetite has continued to be light. I know that my skin looks great and I don’t have as many cravings for sugar as I used to have.

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