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P90X: Day 34

Kenpo X

Oh Kenpo, I wonder if I will ever figure out the Star Block. It’s probably the only exercise that makes me completely uncoordinated and useless.

Even though this is an hour, just like Plyometrics, it goes so much faster. It’s a lot of fun – mostly because you can tell Tony loves Kenpo and his enthusiasm is infectious. He’s such a goofy guy – I just like his playful attitude. Sword Hammer is still my favorite move.

Food has been steady – my appetite hasn’t changed (it’s still light) and I’ve been sticking to veggies, fruit and beans for the most part. I still drink my Shakeology smoothie every morning (GreenBerry Shakeology, 1 banana, ice & unsweetened almond milk). I still struggle to drink all the water I need. I know once school starts up again, it will be easier to drink all my water because I’ll have bottled water with me. I just seem to have this block and can’t remember to keep drinking water during the day.

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