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P90X: Day 36

Cardio X, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps with Ab Ripper X

Age – 41 years
Height – 5 ft. 7 inches
Weight – 187.1
Body Fat – 40.1%
Chest – 34.5 inches
Waist – 33 inches
Hips – 40.5 inches

Is it me, or are these two new strength training videos much harder than Training Block 1? I’m no longer sore, like I was last week, but I am definitely working hard. I am so proud that I dropped a whole percentage point of body fat this past week. Dropping weight is important too – but not nearly as important as dropping body fat.

Cardio X is still just a nice warm up to get the heart rate up and leave me with a light sweaty sheen. There is only one move I find next to impossible – the Dreya Roll. I keep trying, but boy howdy, I just struggle and struggle with that move.

As an interesting aside, I’ve read about what some people call the “Second Month Doldrums” of P90X. I understand that a lot of people get very frustrated in Training Block 2 because they don’t see or feel much, if any progress. Half of the exercises are still the same and it’s easier to predict what you’re doing next in any given workout. I haven’t felt any reduction in my enthusiasm for this program (so far) and I really hope I don’t experience any plateaus. Judging from my awesome one percent body fat loss, my body seems to be getting more efficient at burning fat. I’m determined to tough out any periods of “doldrums” if I experience the blues!

Nothing new to report about my diet. I’m not following the nutrition plan, though I may want to revisit that decision in the future if I see a slow down (or I want to ramp up) my progress.

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