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P90X: Day 37


I’ve been thinking about why this is my favorite workout in the P90X series. I think it’s because even though it is a very tough, challenging workout, it is also highly confidence building. There isn’t a move in this workout that I can’t do. Granted, some I can do better than others, but I can still do everything thrown at me.

I noticed that the progress I had lost during recovery week seems to be returning. Hot Foot wasn’t nearly as bad as it was last week. Most of the workout was as if I never had a recovery week. It would seem as though gains made come back quickly.

Food is interesting. I’ve been playing with the idea of cutting calories until I feel like I’m running out of gas during workouts. I think I might have found the threshold. After Plyometrics, I felt a little woozy, so I had a protein shake. It’s not terrible, but I think I’ve found my limit as to how little I can eat and still keep up with the workouts.

Need more water!

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