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P90X: Day 38

Cardio X, Back & Biceps with Ab Ripper X

For the time being, I’ve been doing Cardio X right before my strength training workout. When the school year begins in about 2 weeks, my schedule will undoubtedly change and I will have to split up my Cardio X and strength training workouts.

Back & Biceps is easily my favorite upper body workout. It’s actually fun, and aside from the pull-ups, I can do everything with good form and lots of reps. Ab Ripper X is still awful, but I’m developing more stamina and the strength to do more reps and more exercises.

My food intake has been pretty stable – nothing much has changed. I’m still having my smoothie every morning and I’m regularly adding a pot of green tea. Lunches and dinners have been salads mostly, or the occasional bowl of pasta. Getting enough water in daily is continues to be a struggle. I’m also still having my afternoon latte. I don’t know if I’m getting any lighter, but my skin looks great!

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