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P90X: Day 39

Yoga X

Oh how I wish I could have the option to hear only music and cues on this video. So much of the talking is so distracting. We are instructed to clear our minds, but then Tony just continues to talk and talk some more.

If I’m honest, I get sick of the long warrior session. It seems like an eternity of crescent or runner’s pose, warrior I, warrior II, reverse warrior, and then back to warrior II and so on. I’m so relieved when we get into triangle pose and extended angle pose and then the balance poses. I’m sure part of my frustration is my seeming inability to both swing my leg through from downward dog to runner’s pose and my horribly inadequate Chaturanga Dandasana. I suspect that as my core strengthens and improves, so my ability to swing my legs through and get into a proper Chaturanga improve.

Despite my criticisms, Yoga X remains one of my favorite videos. There’s a little bit of everything: balance poses, arm balances, asymmetrical poses, inversions, twists, backbends and forward bends. It’s a very balanced practice. I definitely look forward to Thursdays.

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