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P90X: Day 4

Yoga X

I love yoga – so I was really looking forward to this workout!

A few years ago, I completed vinyasa flow teacher training, so I know a thing or two about yoga. There are small criticisms to be made about the Yoga X DVD, but overall I really enjoy it. It is the longest of the P90X workouts, though you won’t spend a long time in any one pose.

People who have never been to a yoga class in a real yoga studio would probably benefit from experiencing the difference between a live class and the Yoga X DVD. For starters, a live teacher can offer hands-on adjustments to your alignment and focus. An experienced teacher will also offer safe adjustments closer to the body; I cringe whenever I see Tony move a participant’s hand or wrist. The teacher has a lot of leverage when moving limbs and can fairly easily cause discomfort, if not injury to the student.

Next, it is nice to be able to linger in some poses during a live class. Many of the forward bends and inversions are held for five, even ten breaths. Some teachers even encourage students to explore variations in poses. Savasana is often five or more minutes, not the quick one minute you get in Yoga X.

The great thing about Yoga X is that Tony encourages the use of props and modifications to get the most out of the poses. The pace is great – if you’re accustomed to a vinyasa flow or ashtanga practice, the endless sun salutations and vinyasas will be familiar. Don’t be fooled, just because this is yoga, it is still P90X. I sweat nearly as much as I did in Plyometrics X on Tuesday!

I was so sore yesterday that I ended up sleeping in late today, which then lead to me doing my workout at night. I’m much less sore today, especially after doing Yoga X. The range of motion in my right side and neck has been nearly restored with all the Warrior II poses. I may need to schedule a massage soon, even though a hot bath with epsom salt will help with muscle soreness a great deal. Because of the benefits, I’m glad I saved up Yoga X for the evening before bed.

I’m really looking forward to both X Stretch on Sunday, and more Yoga X on Thursday because of how great I feel after doing yoga.

Nutrition today could have been better. I don’t think I drank enough water today and I don’t think I ate enough. I did eat my bean salad for lunch, which was much tastier today now that the spices have had the chance to develop. I will be more diligent about drinking more water tomorrow.

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