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P90X: Day 40

Cardio X, Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X

Legs and Back is easy to love – my legs are pretty strong, so it’s easy to feel accomplished when I’m done with this workout.

Curiously, I’ve noticed some pain in my left quadriceps during some exercises. I notice it especially during the One-Leg Wall Squats. It’s nothing unmanageable; it just makes me think that my right leg is stronger and these are the growing pains of gaining equal strength in my left side.

Calf Raises are another fun exercise which cause a special exquisite pain and burning. At least I feel as though I’ve accomplished something pretty great if I can make it through all 25 reps of each variation.

Today, I made a bit of a mistake of not eating much. I had my smoothie in the morning for breakfast, but that was the last thing I ate until dinner. We went out to dinner to celebrate (I passed my smog inspector exam!) at a local Ethiopian restaurant. I had a glass of wine, a small appetizer and we shared a vegetarian combination plate with lots of delicious injera bread. I drank lots of water, but it had been awhile since I’ve had anything alcoholic to drink that it went straight to my head. So of course, when we got home, after taking our evening walk, my husband and I polished off a bottle of zinfandel.

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