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P90X: Day 41

Kenpo X

Despite the fact that this DVD is as long as Plyometrics, it goes so much faster. I love how Tony uses the last 10-15 reps to speed everything up, or how he sometimes gradually speeds things up. It’s pretty fun to have an excuse to make some noise with the increased tempo too.

I still struggle with coordination when doing combinations of three. If I focus in order to use the correct hand or leg to do the coordinating punch or kick, I fall behind. If I keep up with the models, I find that I have a tendency to alternate hands or legs because it feels so natural to make one move per side. The Star Block is still vexing me – I really have no idea what they are doing. I wish I had a slow motion option so I could see exactly what the combination of moves looks like.

I also find that if I’m not paying attention, I’ll start to come out of horse stance. It’s easy to forget to squat down while doing the punches or blocks. Sword Hammer is still one of my favorites – I keep waiting for Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh to show up in costumes to demonstrate aerial combat moves. I really wish I had a heavy bag with which to use these moves on – that way I wouldn’t have to worry about hyperextending my joints when throwing kicks and punches.

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