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P90X: Day 42


Even though this is an optional part of the program, I always feel better when I can get this done. There are stretches in this video that you don’t get in any of the other DVDs – especially the forearm stretches. If you work all day on a keyboard, you will come to greatly appreciate what all the forearm, hand and finger stretches can do to prevent repetitive injury.

Also – Camel pose. Nothing quite addresses lower back tension the way Camel can. I really wish I could spend more time in this pose when we get there.

Even though it is an hour-long video, just like Kenpo X, it seems over quickly. I assume it is because I’m accustomed to the hour and a half that is Yoga X.

If you do P90X, my one bit of advice is to do X Stretch if you can. If you are the least bit sore, do this video – it makes all the difference in the world.

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