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P90X: Day 44


I love this workout – it’s difficult, fast paced and fun as hell. I don’t always bother to use the music and cues option on this workout either.

There are a few moves that really kick my butt – Rock Star Hops and Jump Knee Tuck are just really difficult for me. I’m just not very good yet at defying gravity. I still can’t really tell the difference between Run-Stance Squat, Run-Stance Squat Switch Pick-Up, and Run Squat 180 Jump Switch, other than a few obvious, but minor differences.

Picking up my left leg still causes my quad some discomfort and minor pain – I don’t recall pulling anything, so I really don’t know what happened.

Today I was really good about food. I drank a ton of water today – it’s been pretty hot around here, so that’s been a bit easier. I had my daily smoothie and I made fresh bean burritos for dinner.

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