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P90X: Day 45

Cardio X, Back & Biceps with Ab Ripper X

I keep wondering if I will ever be able to do a pull up. At least Dreya – one of the models – can do unassisted pull ups. She’s proof that women can be strong and can do pushups and pull-ups as crisply as men can. The other women always seem to need a chair to do pull-ups. These continue to be the one strength training move I am nowhere near mastering.

Despite the pull-ups, this is my favorite strength training DVD in the series. There are lots of moves with weights which are super fun like Congdon Locomotive and the Crouching Cohen Curl. Curiously, there is a move called Superman, which is really a variation on Salabhasana (Locust Pose). A mini-backbend, it’s great for working the entire back musculature.

Ab Ripper X is getting easier, but I still can’t quite do the Roll-Up/V-Up Combo. Not even close. Crunchy Frog continues to be problematic as well, but I can do more with pretty good form.

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