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P90X: Day 47

Cardio X, Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X

This is my last strength training workout for a week – next week is Recovery Week. Legs & Back is always a confidence booster since my legs are the strongest part of my body. Wall Squats continue to be a favorite quad burner, while Calf Raises are also quite the muscle roaster.

Pull-Ups continue to be elusive and I’m struggling with finding a happy medium. Using the heaviest resistance bands aren’t really doing anything anymore, but about all I can manage on the pull-up bar is to hang there like that sad, little kitten on the motivational poster with the message, “Hang in there!”

Cardio X barely warrants mentioning; it is a mash-up of a few exercises from the other DVDs. I can keep up with most of them, using good form, but there are a few I still struggle with doing and some I cannot do at all. Ab Ripper X hasn’t changed much either. It’s very difficult and I still can’t do a single Roll-Up/V-Up Combo.

Food has been pretty clean recently. I’ve been eating lots of beans (with apologies to my spouse) and lots of salads; continuing to drink my Shakeology smoothie every day. I’m actually a little surprised that I haven’t become bored with my smoothie. I still make it with almond milk, a banana and some ice. I’ve been getting better about getting in all my water. I always seem to need some lime or lemon juice to make it taste better.

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