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P90X: Day 5

Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Yoga really helped last night – I am so much less sore today than I’ve been Tuesday through Thursday. Today was the third and final day of strength/resistance training of the week. Having some ease restored made today’s workout a bit more doable. I still can’t do a single pull-up or chin-up, but I can do the leg exercises reasonably well. The wall squats will make your quads burn! The Groucho Walk is fun and silly. Some of the lunge exercises are a bit awkward at first, but I eventually got the hang of them.

As far as food goes, I’m not following the nutrition guide yet. We went to Indian food tonight as part of our weekly date night. I had my usual chicken tikka masala and naan with several cups of chai. I know this is heavy on dairy, fat and is definitely not “light” eating. I plan on going grocery shopping tomorrow with the nutrition guide in hand so that I can more closely follow the recommended eating plan.

I’m hoping this gets a little easier next week. I can’t imagine how anyone sticks to an exercise plan over the course of their life if this is the continual muscle aches they suffer. I could see having to have a daily yoga practice to alleviate the soreness, though it would be time consuming. Either that, or start dating a massage therapist (which isn’t really an option if I want to remain happily married). Right after a workout, I feel pretty great. I guess the endorphins have really kicked in after a P90X workout. It’s only the next day that I really notice the ache and stiffness. I guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Another nice benefit to starting this program is that I have been sleeping really well. Normally I’m a light sleeper and have bouts of insomnia (especially around the full moon). This week, I have been getting in a solid eight hours of sleep. My skin has also cleared up – not that I had bad skin before, but I’ve noted a new smoothness and clarity. Yay for exercise!

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