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P90X: Day 50

Yoga X

Hello again, Yoga X. I love Recovery Week because I get to do you two times!

Today, I made up my mind to release my inner yoga teacher and just enjoy the class. I gave up my critical eye, and just went with Tony’s instructions. I found that I had much more fun and was really open to staying in the moment of the practice this way.

The one thing that is very different about Yoga X compared to the other DVDs is that progress is not linear. Some days, I will notice progress – an openness in my hips or chest, a deepening of a forward bend, an increased sense of ease and stillness in a balance pose. On the same days, something else will be tighter than it was in the previous week, I might be wobbly on one side in tree pose, or I find that I’m just not as open in my chest or hips.

I think Yoga X challenges everyone’s image of progress, and that’s a good thing.

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