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P90X: Day 53


I might love X Stretch second only to Yoga X and Plyometrics. It’s mostly yoga with a few exercises borrowed from martial arts and pilates. I adore the forearm and wrist stretches – they are critical to anyone who spends much of their time typing or working with their hands.

Food has been pretty much the same. I’m still trying to get in enough water everyday, but with school starting next week, it should get easier. I admit, I’ve been struggling with my lack of progress recently. However, I was warned way in advance of the second month doldrums. From what I have read, the last month (4 weeks of workouts + 1 week of recovery) is supposed to be where all the gains are made: weight is lost, strength is gained, body fat is lost and suddenly you realize why you’ve endured this intense program for almost 3 months. That is what I am hoping for at least…

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