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P90X: Day 56


It was such a beautiful Autumn day that I decided to take a long walk with my husband along the trails near our home.

First, we walked up to downtown Mountain View and shared a sandwich for lunch, then we walked back to the trail entrance for the Stevens Creek Trail. We explored the trail in both directions for some time and eventually found our way back to a park we know well. We decided we wished we had bicycles instead, because we learned from some neighbors we ran into that the trail leads down to Shoreline Park and by the water. Our total walking time (minus the 40 minutes for lunch) was about two and a half hours and probably close to five miles.

After a long conversation, I’m changing a few things for the last five weeks of P90X. First, I’m going to be following the eating plan much more closely. Second, I will continue to follow a doubles plan, but instead of doing Cardio X, I will be running instead.

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