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P90X: Day 57

Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X

Age – 41 years
Height – 5 ft. 7 inches
Weight – 188.8
Body Fat – 40.0%
Chest – 34 inches
Waist – 32.5 inches
Hips – 40 inches

I am continuing with a modified Doubles schedule, but instead of Cardio X, I am running on the days I have strength training. I am using the Couch Potato to 5K – a program I have successfully used in the past – to get running again. It’s not that I hated Cardio X, I was just disappointed that its cobbled together from a number of other videos and was hoping for new material. Since I’m already doing those exercises in the core program, I decided to do something a little different for my cardio.

Today, I successfully completed the 30 minutes of warm up, intervals of 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, and cool-down. When I was done, I immediately jumped into P90X Chest & Back. This video is non-stop switching between a variety of push up exercises and pull-ups, interspersed with about 3 weight-based moves. It was kind of fun to revisit these exercises after not having seen them in about a month.

Ab Ripper X is still a major challenge. While I can tell that my core is getting stronger because push ups are getting easier to do, there are several moves I can’t do very well, or not at all. I keep working at it though – hopefully by the end of this program, I will be able to do the entire Ab Ripper X video and at least one unassisted pull up.

I’ve also decided to get very serious about my nutrition for this last training block. Today, I had at least three liters of water. I made some homemade butternut squash soup (vegan) for dinner, and for lunch I had tuna poke with a salad.

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