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P90X: Day 58


Plyometrics was fun and really difficult today! I missed this workout so much. Though, after a week of recovery – this workout is no joke. I was definitely panting about halfway through. It’s difficult to describe the satisfaction of knowing that you worked hard for an hour and the sweat is pouring down your back. I’m sure some people would think that sweating is gross and uncomfortable – but I love it. I feel joy that I have the ability to perform these exercises reasonably well and can continue to improve. I like hard work; I like to go hard, and the sweat is proof that I’m doing some pampering of my body and my self.

Once again, Hot Foot was impossible to do properly since I’m out of practice. I’m sure next week it will get better. Most of the moves were no problem and I look forward to doing this again next week.

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