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P90X: Day 6

Kenpo X

This is easily the fastest paced and fun workout in the entire series (so far). It is an hour long workout, but feels more like twenty minutes! Even though they are called “breaks” – there really aren’t any breaks in the action. Between each set of moves, you run in place, do jumping jacks and another jumping exercise that looks like an “X” and pretend jump rope.

I could pretty easily keep up with most of the exercises, though some of the moves, like the Star Block require more coordination than I have in me at this time. My favorites are the knee kicks, especially when we get into double time. Some of the blocks and punches make me crave a heavy bag, because the shadow boxing makes it difficult to see how some of the moves are effective self-defense techniques. This definitely reminds me of my muay thai days. Maybe I can talk my husband into play sparring…

I made a better version of my bean salad today with more cherry tomatoes, more artichoke hearts and blanched green beans. It should taste great tomorrow once the balsamic vinegar and spices really have a chance to soak into the beans.

I’m also still struggling to drink enough water every day. I don’t mind the taste of water, though I prefer it with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice; it’s just not something I often think about doing. Maybe I need to pull out my pretty Sigg water bottle again and see if that doesn’t inspire me to drink more.

My legs are pretty sore from yesterday’s workout. All the kicking in today’s workout didn’t help loosen up my achy hamstrings. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s X Stretch in hopes that the few yoga poses with help alleviate some of the muscle aches. I can hardly believe that I have (almost) completed a week of P90X!

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