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P90X: Day 7


One week of P90X down! I’d feel pretty accomplished if I wasn’t so sore. My calves were killing me today, making it difficult to walk without pain or stiffness. I felt much better after an early evening walk and then doing X Stretch to loosen up these tight muscles.

My husband and I were joking around about how stiff and achy we both were. He imagined a conversation in which he would say, “I felt like I wanted to get in shape and challenge myself. So I tried P90X and now I’m in traction.” We’re being hyperbolic of course, it’s really not that bad. I’m still surprised at both how stiff and sore I am, and how much yoga seems to help alleviate the pain. That and half a bag of epsom salt in bathwater.

X Stretch is mostly yoga, with one or two moves from Pilates and a few stretches and techniques from martial arts. It’s not nearly the purifying practice Yoga X is, with only a few half sun salutations for a warm up. Camel pose is in here, as is Bow.

I didn’t eat much today. For some reason, all this exercise seems to be shrinking my appetite. I made a nice frittata with mushrooms, green onions and garlic with a little sprinkle of asiago cheese on top. I drank a lot of ginger tea today, and had strawberries with some sour cream as a snack. I had a latte before we headed to the movies, but I stayed away from the snack bar – no candy, popcorn or soda.

Tomorrow, I take my measurements and see how I’m progressing. I haven’t decided if I should take progress photos tomorrow, or leave it as a once-a-phase thing. Then, I get to start the whole schedule over again! At least my abs don’t hurt as bad as they did on Thursday before I did Yoga X.

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  • Alan August 11, 2013, 9:18 AM

    Don’t forget the Arnica gel for the achey muscles!

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